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About Us

              The Southern California Paranormal Detectives (S.C.P.D.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit paranormal research organization that was founded in 2000 by friends and family that share a deep interest for the paranormal. We provide professional and comforting assistance for those experiencing paranormal phenomena. We use many different types of equipment to assist us in our investigations such as digital cameras, video cameras, EMF meters, infrared thermometers, sound equipment, etc. (At this time we no longer offer investigations due to availability and resources. We still offer assistance via email and phone. To find groups to assist you go to www.paranormalsocieties.com) We also have investigated UFO's,  Conspiracies, and strange creatures. We have worked with a few famous paranormal experts such as Richard Senate, renowned spiritualist, Bonnie Vent, and professional videographer, Barry Conrad. So far the locations we cover are in and around the Southern California area but we have done cases in Las Vegas, NV and possibly more out of state.


           If you would like to contact us please see our contact page. Please feel free to contact us by whichever method is most convenient to you. Communications will be held confidential unless otherwise specified.




- We are currently making updates to our website and email. If you have emailed us recently and have not received a response, please try again at paranormaldetectives@gmail.com

-Our web series is now up, we have sponsors and we even started a web series section on this site. Stay tuned for more.